Promote Your Music To Professional Club DJs

Hot Fruits works very differently to most other music promotion services. By offering a small commission to our reviewers, we are able to offer guaranteed feedback on a scale that fits our clients’ budgets.

How Does It Work?

Starting to work with Hot Fruits is easy. Once your account has been approved, you’ll be able to upload your music to our database within minutes. Our service is 100% automated, allowing you to get your campaign up and running with no middlemen in the way.

Sign Up

Sign Up

To ensure that all our clients are verified, we must approve each application before granting an account. Each verification will take less than 24 hours, and once approved you will gain access to all our features as well as customer service team.

Upload Music

Uploading your music couldn’t be simpler. Once you have filled in all the relative criteria about the track and added an MP3 or WAV file, your music will be sent straight through to our database of reviewers, who will begin sending feedback straight away.

Receive Feedback

Unlike other music promotion companies, Hot Fruits pays a small commission to each reviewer for their feedback. In return, our clients are able to ask more specific questions about the music in order for you to find what they liked or disliked most about the track. Creating more data for you and more insight into what our reviewers are looking for.

Improve Music

Your feedback will be sent over in real time with a daily report at the end of every day to see how your music is performing. And with our range of added questions, the feedback helps clients better understand what the most appealing parts of their music are.

View Suggestions & Comments

As well as creating extensive reports, you can also browse the critical feedback from each reviewer. As well as replying to yes/no questions about the music, the reviewer also sends back a 10-word opinion about the track, creating yet more useful insight into what most liked or disliked about the music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered together all the common questions we get asked about our service. If your question isn’t answered please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Sending Music

You can sign up via the home page. Just select whether you are wishing to send or receive music, and fill out the application form. Each application is accessed prior to an account being set up, which can take up to 24 hours.
A campaign can cost as much as you wish. Each piece of feedback, positive or negative, will cost £1 in your campaign. So simply assign to the campaign to the amount of feedback you wish to receive and you’ll be charged that same number in pound sterling.
Currently we are exclusive working with professionals in the electronic music side of the industry. Therefore at this time, we will only be accepting music with an electronic base.
Our system only allows for one track to be uploaded at any one time. If you are planning to send multiple tracks, then they will each need their own campaigns and budgets based on the amount of feedback you wish to receive.
We always look to guarantee the feedback that each of our clients has paid for within four weeks. But if your campaign doesn’t receive the full amount of feedback asked for in that timeframe, we will refund you the difference in the form of credit to use on future campaigns.
At Hot Fruits we do not tolerate verbal abuse or abuse of our system in any way. So if you feel that you have received unhelpful comments, abusive language or some other form of exploitation of our system, you can report the user. And if we feel actions needs to be taken, we will suspend or delete their account, as well as offer a refund of the feedback given.
We do not offer up any contact info for those that use our service. However some users may leave their contact information on their user page, in which case you are free to contact them if you feel it necessary.

Receiving Music

You can sign up via the home page. Just select whether you are wishing to send or receive music, and fill out the application form. Each application is accessed prior to an account being set up, which can take up to 24 hours.
Each submission offers up two options; approve or decline. With each option there are a few yes/no questions to answer from the sender, as well as a line to leave your personal opinion. Each opinion needs to be at least 10 words in length and once completed, 50p will be added to your kitty.
We encourage all our users to be as detailed as possible when sending feedback. Those that send tracks are not only looking to see if you like the tracks, but what you like about it specifically. Be critical but not rude when making comments, but always honest in what you both like and dislike about the music you receive.
Each completed piece of feedback is worth 50p to your account, and you are free to respond to as many songs on the site as you like. Once your account reaches £10, you will be able to cashout whatever you have earned any time after that.
Yes, those that send music expect their to be a professional on the other side offering up their opinion on whether or not the music is any good. It is for this reason we check all those that wish to set up an account with us before approving them.
You will be paid with a bank transfer via Stripe. Once your account has been approved, simply set up the details of how you wish to be paid and we aim to have the money in your account within 24 hours.
Hot Fruits has been set up with a “No Spam” filter in place. Essentially you can decide the genres of music you wish to review and only see those on your account. This means you will only ever receive music from genres you already prefer.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss our service or have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, just get in touch via the below form and we will contact you back within 24hrs.